CEMENT FONDU is a hydraulic binder with an alumina content of approximately 40%.

    Composed mainly of the calcium aluminate phase, CEMENT FONDU is ideally suited for refractory applications.

    CEMENT FONDU also contains secondary mineralogical phases containing combinations of CaO, Al2O3, iron oxide and SiO2.

    The high proportion of mono calcium aluminate (CaOēAl2O3) in CEMENT FONDU imparts excellent mechanical strength to refractory mortars and concretes. Despite the approximately 16 % iron oxide content of CEMENT FONDU it is suitable for refractory applications where iron oxide can be tolerated. However, its use cannot be recommended for reducing atmospheres. The rheological properties of CEMENT FONDU are well adapted to all types of placing methods, particularly for casting and gunning.

    It is recommended for applications requiring rapid hardening properties, resistance to abrasion and mechanical shock, and exposure to intermediate temperatures.

    1. Mineralogical composition
        C = CaO A = Al2O3 S = SiO2 F = Fe2O3

  • Principal mineralogical phase: Monocalcium aluminate CA
  • Secondary phases: C12A7, C2S, Ferrites, C4AF

    Cement Fondu will perform optimally when slurried in fresh water. Cement Fondu will set hard in 30 and 60 minutes after mixing so itís important to prepare prior to mixing and pumping. It is recommended a rubber cementing plug be pumped either side of the slurry to avoid contamination and to wipe residue from the rods.

    Cement Fondu should be mixed at a ratio of 35.27 Ibs Cement Fondu to 2.64 gallons of water, blended until the slurry is consistently smooth.

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