GYP-SET is a low strength gypsum based cement to provide the user with a grout having a predetermined set time. GYP-SET has a variety of applications and is provided with 30 and 60 minute set times.

    GYP-SET is ideal for cementing unstable caving formations, for setting plugs for wedging and for plugging off to help seal voids, cracks and fissures that cause lost circulation. GYP-SET can also be used for cementing in surface casing where quick setting low strength cements are suitable. GYP-SET set times are encoded into the product so it’s vitally important the application and set time are carefully considered.


  • Controlled setting times
  • Reduce rig time while ‘waiting on cement’
  • Enable to maintain bore trajectory
  • Easily mixed and pumped
  • Aid to cure lost circulation
  • Cements in surface casing
  • Note alkali based


  • Appearance: Odourless white power
  • pH (as supplied): 7.5 – 8.5
  • Specific gravity: 2.6 – 2.7
  • Bulk density: 0.028 – 0.029 Ib / in3 (bulk)

    GYP-SET will perform optimally when slurried in fresh water. GYP-SET will set hard in 30 and 60 minutes after mixing so it’s important to prepare prior to mixing and pumping. It is recommended a rubber cementing plug be pumped either side of the slurry to avoid contamination and to wipe residue from the rods.

    GYP-SET should be mixed at a ratio of 35.27 Ibs GYP-SET to 2.64 gallons of water, blended until the slurry is consistently smooth.

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