POLYGROUT is a hydrophilic polyurethane prepolymer based grout which reacts with water to form a tough and resilient gel.

    POLYGROUT can be applied using a grout applicator, a packer method, by pouring down into the hole or by pumping. The grout applicator and packer methods are for use in deep holes, while the application by pouring down the hole is limited to holes around 100 metres in depth. Pumping is for ranges between 100 to 500 metres.

    Grout applicator method: POLYGROUT is introduced into the hole by utilising an inner tube as the method of conveyance. A specialised Injection Head Assembly is fitted to the inner tube to avoid any contamination with water during placement.

    Packer method: In this method, the interval to be squeezed is isolated from the surface by a retrievable packer. This permits more efficient placement of the grout and may have application in isolation shear zones which tend to pressure up when being diamond drilled.

    POLYGROUT can be mixed with water at 5 % minimum concentration and then poured down the hole from the surface. Setting time can be selected and after the POLYGROUT has reacted the rods may be run back into the hole and the grout drilled out.


  • Exerts remarkable solidifying properties even in ground where water flows strongly and where cement grout is ineffective
  • Can be used for the prevention of water intrusion through micro fractures
  • Reacts with mineralised water and is not affected by pH Maintains excellent adhesion to rock and broken fractured ground
  • Penetration of permeable and fractured formation, particularly vertical fissures, far greater than cement. This is because the cement slurry is not a true fluid whereas POLYGROUT will invade fine fractures and fissures
  • Not affected by temperature
  • If required, the setting time can be controlled from 60 seconds to 60 minutes.
  • Will not shrink in water
  • Minimum gelling concentration is 5%. At concentrations of 50% aqueous solution, considerable expansion and foaming occurs with swelling of up to three times the original volume.
  • Cure for loss circulation.


  • Appearance: Clear viscous liquid
  • Viscosity @ 25C (cps): 1900 2100
  • Viscosity @ 80C (cps): 100 300
  • Solubility in water: Reacts with water
  • Flash point (C): >200

    POLYGROUT can be mixed with water at 5% minimum concentration and then poured down the hole from the surface.

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