Product Comparison

LoneStar LS100
HydraDrill 55Super
Engine 5HP Petrol Recoil Start     5HP Petrol Recoil Start     6HP Petrol Recoil Start    
Transmission 18:1 Inline Reduction 18:1 Inline Reduction 18:1 Inline Reduction
Clutch Coupling Centrifugal Std Centrifugal Std Centrifugal SueCo 95
Drill Rod 32mm Standard 1.5m 32mm Standard 1.5m 44mm AQ Premium
Hoisting Mechanism Single Spool Winch Single Spool Winch Double Spool Winch
Water Quill 32mm Standard 32mm Standard 44mm AQ Taper Thread
Borehole Diameter 100mm (4 inches) 100mm (4 inches) 125mm (5 inches)
Drilling Depth 30 Meters (100 feet) 30 Meters (100 feet) 30 Meters (100 feet)
Origin Canada United States of America South Africa

The MobiRig is the most rugged, portable water/air/mud/foam injection rotary drilling rig on the market today and is by far the better rig designed to withstand the most rigorous working environments encountered in
confined location and remote location drilling!

MobiDrill gives you the technology for making drinking water more affordable!

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