Frequently Asked Questions

How tall is this machine?
MobiRig is 3.1 metres tall. This allows the machine to access areas that would traditionally be considered impossible to drill.

What is the footprint size of the machine?
MobiRig has a footprint of 640mm x 700mm for access to confined drilling locations.

How much does the machine weigh?
At maximum the machine weighs just over 140kg.
Contracters sludge pump 25kg
Drill Rods 6kg each.

How big of a diameter borehole can I drill?
MobiRig has been tested with drill bits from 50mm (2inch) diameter up to 125mm (5inch) diameter.

What is the size of the drill rod?
The ST drill rods have a 32mm diameter and are 1.5m long.
The AQ drill rods have a 44mm diameter and are 1.5m long.
The BQ drill rods have a 72mm diameter and are 1.5m long.

Are extra drill rods available?
Yes, you may purchase as many drill rods as needed to complete your projects.

Can MobiRig drill through rocks like limestone?
Yes, MobiRig was designed to penetrate rock formations using the proper drill bit and drilling methods. MobiRig can penetrate concrete provided there is no steel reinforcement within the concrete.
(DTH and concrete coring bits sold separately).

How deep can the MobiRig drill?
The MD30 is rated for 30m. The depth of the hole is dependant on the pump used to circulate the drilling fluid. The pump supplied with the rig has a head of 30m. Maximum possible attainable drill depth is unknown as of yet. Maybe you will be the one to report to us your maximum attained depth record for the MobiRig.

Is there a comparable rig on the market today?
No rig can compare with:
      Price - Lowest Total Drilling Cost (TDC) means more profit.
      Manoeuvrability - Can be used in confined locations.
      Portability - Can be transported to remote locations.
      Ease-of-use - Can be used with minimal effort by one man.
      Simplicity - Can be assembled on location with a #17mm spanner.

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