MRJ-020 Portable DTH Drilling Rig
The MRJ-020 Portable DTH Drilling Rig is a powerful, portable hydraulic drilling rig which has been designed to drill through rock using a pneumatic down-the-hole hammer.

The MRJ-020 is rated to drill holes up to 130mm wide and down to a depth of 20m. Using a 90mm MCZ90 Hammer and button bit is a breeze with the powerfull 15hp motor that drives the hydraulic system.

The MRJ-020 you get more control with the variable speed feature from 0 - 70rpm and a lifting power of 15000N

Complete Package
  • MRJ-020 Drilling Rig
  • Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Drill Bit Adaptor
  • Down-the-hole Hammer (MCZ90)
  • 20m Drill Rods.
  • Drill Bit 90mm Button Bit

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    The affordability of this rig, now makes rock drilling possible for people with limited budget. Affordable rock drilling is now a reality with the MRJ-020 Hammer Drill!

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