Solar Water Supply Point

The Solar WSP is a solar powered, self-contained and eco-friendly supply of drinking water. This water supply unit provides easy access to clean potable water in a controlled and sanitary environment. It is ideally suited for use by rural communities, schools, clinics and refugee camps etc…

The Solar WSP powered by the latest in solar technology, is housed and secured inside a 6m shipping container for fast and effective delivery and installation to any remote location. The Solar WSP is capable of delivering over 3.5 million litres of water annually.

       Provide potable water where currently not available
       Provide a sustainable water distribution solution
       Improve lifestyle of communities
       Supply water in a controlled and sanitary environment
       Eliminate the risk of contaminating ground water
       Eliminate the huge cost of water reticulation
       Provide a continual supply of uncontaminated water
       Control water purity & quality to reduce the risk of disease
       Capable of delivering over 10 000 litres of water per day
       Fast and effective turn-key solution for water distribution
       Fully automated and self contained
       Affordable and sustainable water distribution solution
       Constructed from robust industrial components
       A completely self-sustainable constant water supply
       Does not require any manual pumping
       Comprehensive maintenance plan available
       Eco-friendly water delivery solution by harnessing the latest in solar technology
       A completely self-sustainable supply of potable drinking water with a zero carbon footprint

By providing clean drinkable water, to less fortunate communities,
we can service man's most basic need

The Solar SWP delivers over 3.5 million liters of drinking water annually.

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