Water Supply Point Options

During the years servicing the water borehole drilling industry, we have been made aware of the huge need for sustainable water in some of our rural and impoverished areas. In this effort we have developed a containerized solution encapsulating the following criteria:
            Sustainable water supply
            Hygienic environment
Based on the above criteria, we have developed three water management solutions:
  1. Solar WSP
  2. Diesel WSP
  3. Diesel WDD

Solar WSP (Water Supply Point)
The Solar WSP is a solar powered, self-contained and eco-friendly supply of perpetual water. This water supply unit provides easy access, to clean water in a controlled and sanitary environment. This unit is ideally suited for use by rural communities, schools and clinics etc…

Diesel WSP (Water Supply Point)
The Diesel WSP is a diesel powered self-contained water supply point. The unit is housed and secured inside a 6m shipping container and is powered by a robust diesel engine. This water supply point is rated to deliver 10 000 litres of water per day (or 4-hour pumping cycle). Quick mobilization and installation makes this unit ideally suited for use by disaster relief organisations in transit camps, refugee camps and field hospitals etc…

Diesel WDD (Water Distribution Depot)
The Diesel WDD is a self-contained water supply unit housed inside a long 12m shipping container and specifically designed for use by rural communities and municipalities to augment existing water reticulation projects or as a back-up water supply. These WDD distribution depots can be interlinked to each other for larger delivery capacity, or they can be strategically placed within a developing community to service different zones or phases of the communal development.

Upgrades Available
   Increased Capacity
   The solar and diesel models can both be upgraded to deliver an increased capacity
   from 10,000 litres per day to 15,000 litres per day

   Coin Operated
   A coin opperated water dispencing system can be added to each tap on both the solar and diesel models.
      R2 dispencers can be fitted to the unit so that you can sell the water at R2 per 20 litres
      R2 x 10,000 litres per day = R1000,00 per day
      R1000.00 per day = R30, 000.00 per month
      R30, 000.00 per month = R360, 000.00 per year!
Besides providing water for the public, the coin operated system can also provide employment for persons that would like to start their own business, by selling water in their local communities.
These "Water Supply Points" can be installed throughout South Africa.

The demand for clean drinking water is increasing daily!

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