PVC Borehole Casing

PVC-U Casings and screen pipes are manufactured with selected PVC compounds to provide absolute non-corrosive pipes with excellent mechanical properties.

Standard lengths are 2.9m and 5.8m long
Standard slot sizes are 1.0mm
Design Stress up to 12.5Mpa
     * ASTM F480 Flush internal/external
     * DIN 4925 Trapezoidal Flush internal/external

Class OD in mm ID in mm Wall Mass/m
FLO 20 50.00mm 40.80mm 4.70mm 1.35kg
FLO 20 60.00mm 50.00mm 5.00mm 1.36kg
FLO 16 63.00mm 53.60mm 4.70mm 1.37kg
SABS 16 75.00mm 63.80mm 5.60mm 1.94kg
SABS 16 90.00mm 76.60mm 6.70mm 2.77kg
SABS 12 90.00mm 79.80mm 5.10mm 2.17kg
FLO 12 110.00mm 99.92mm 5.10mm 2.53kg
SABS 16 110.00mm 93.60mm 8.20mm 4.14kg
FLO 12 113.00mm 103.00mm 5.50mm 2.86kg
FLO 12* 125.00mm 114.20mm 6.30mm 3.58kg
FLO 16* 125.00mm 110.80mm 7.10mm 4.28kg
FLO 12* 140.00mm 127.00mm 6.50mm 4.10kg
ISO 16 140.00mm 123.00mm 8.42mm 5.30kg
ISO 9 160.00mm 149.00mm 5.56mm 4.85kg
ISO 12* 160.00mm 146.00mm 7.30mm 5.35kg
ISO 16* 160.00mm 141.00mm 9.62mm 6.92kg
FLO 12* 165.00mm 150.00mm 57.50mm 5.76kg
FLO 16* 165.00mm 145.00mm 9.50mm 7.10kg
FLO 16* 186.00mm 169.00mm 8.50mm 7.30kg
FLO 16* 186.00mm 167.00mm 9.50mm 8.10kg
FLO 12* 200.00mm 181.60mm 9.10mm 8.36kg
FLO 16* 200.00mm 175.00mm 12.10mm 10.82kg
FLO 20* 200.00mm 170.38mm 14.81mm 13.12kg
SPECIAL 225.00mm 203.00mm 10.80mm 11.10kg
ISO 12* 250.00mm 227.00mm 11.50mm 13.06kg
SPECIAL 280.00mm 255.00mm 12.50mm 16.00kg
ISO 09 315.00mm 296.00mm 11.00mm 15.92kg

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