Drill Rods

High-performance wireline drill rods provide an improved depth rating and has up to five times the wear resistance of other available products. The heat-treated rods features an innovative advanced “low stress” thread design, virtually eliminating belling, bulging and thread jumping, as well as reducing rod wear, failures, spinouts and premature retirement of rods. The joint strength and efficiency of the drill rods provide you with improved productivity.

When placing your order for these drill rods please use the following description and part number:
      AQ 47.6mm - Item# MS002
      BQ 59.5mm - Item# MS003
      NQ 75.3mm - Item# MS004
      HQ 95.6mm - Item# MS005
      PQ 122mm  - Item# MS006

Please Note:
We can supply any size or type of drill rod you may require!

  • Diamond Drilling
  • Rotary Mud Drilling
  • Q Series Wireline Drilling
  • DTH Hammer Drilling (Down-The-Hole)

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