The compact rugged design of MobiRig makes it your ideal choice for borehole drilling projects in areas that are currently inaccessible to conventional drilling equipment.

For residential customers, this means that fences, roof lines, trees and other obstacles will no longer be a limiting factor when choosing the ideal location for their boreholes. For commercial customers, this means that boreholes can be placed exactly where they are needed most!

With the MobiRig, boreholes can now be drilled close to the power supplies and plumbing systems of the structures they are intended to serve, thereby reducing overall project costs and giving the drillers the freedom to place boreholes where they are needed most rather than where they “fit the best”.

For remote drilling projects, MobiRig can be easily disassembled and transported by truck, foot, helicopter, horse, or whatever else you have available and reassembled on location.

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